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Aircraft are exposed to extreme weather conditions, high UV loads, and accretions of AVGAS, MOGAS, JETFUEL and Smoke Oil residues. In addition, they are often stored outdoors for long periods. This harsh weathering leaves its mark on acryl glass, paint and rubber seals. LIQUI MOLY AERO care products provide perfect care and helps to retain the value of airplanes and helicopters.

LIQUI MOLY AERO – that means in other words, HighTech pure. High-performance, state-of-the-art products. In our research laboratory we are developing tailor-made products for optimizing the latest care technologies.


Every hour you fly, you pay with a tiny piece of the engine, because of friction and wear. This can be seen from accumulated
metals abrasion in the oil. With LIQUI MOLY Oil Additives like AERO Fly Safe Engine Protector this wear can be reduced. In spite of all efforts to produce smooth metal surfaces they remain, when viewed under a microscope, rough and uneven. These irregularities are compensated for with the application of solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) or microceramics.
Surface treatment considerably reduces frictional resistance and wear: chemical agents, or so-called friction modifiers chemically bond with the metallic surface and smooth the high points of metal pairing surfaces, thereby eliminating damage. 


The engine combustion process leaves behind fuel residues. Deposits that form and adhere to surfaces in combustion chambers, on injectors, valves and injector tips.

The result: impairment of engine performance, higher fuel consumption and more pollutants. With LIQUI MOLY AERO additives existing deposits are removed and new ones prevented. The combustion is improved. And that means lower repair costs, lower fuel consumption, greater operating reliability, more environmental protection, higher engine performance.

Oil for Rotax-Motors:


In order to provide the oils with a good base from the very beginning and avoid tainting the oils during the development process by means of incorrect handling or improper additives, comprehensive trials and repeated strict controls are conducted continuously by LIQUI MOLY, not only during the selection of the base oils and additive packages, but also during manufacturing. Alone for the selection of the high-quality base materials that are necessary for mixing the motor oils, the chemists in the LIQUI MOLY laboratory require exemplary quality on the part of the suppliers.

A non-negotiable “zero tolerance limit” is valid at LIQUI MOLY regarding deviation from specified and personal standards. Only remaining true to principles which have been set high guarantees the production of select products, Made in Germany.